Resume Mistakes Can Cost You the Job
A candidate’s resume typically gets a 15-second glance, if it gets looked at all. Employers complain that they receive hundreds of resumes for any listed opening but 90% of the applicants are not qualified to do the advertised job.
By Robin Ryan Posted 11-17-2017
3 Ways to Bolster Your Job Search Campaign During the Holidays
We are moving into the Christmas / Hanukkah / New Year's holidays. Many job seekers take the opportunity to put their job searches on hold until January and just try to enjoy the downtime. That is actually a mistake because the end of the year is a great time to reflect on career goals, review current job search campaign efforts, and get a jump on the January employment rush.
By Steven Watson, Ph.D. Posted 11-17-2017
Houston Has Reason to Celebrate
Throughout September and October, Houston struggled to rebuild after Harvey devastated so much of the city. But we had something to cheer for, hope for, and want more than anything. And, after quite a a few heart pounding nights, we had it. Everything is bigger in Texas - including the ways we celebrate, hope and help.
By Christine Wardle Posted 11-13-2017
How to Have a Plan B - Job Market Analysis for Career Transition
Often when I chat as a manager with employees about their future career goals and aspirations, the impression given is of some nebulous future end-state. Perhaps this is due to the awkward manager-employee relationship, especially during the semi-forced conversations around annual appraisal time. Or perhaps it could be attributed to misplaced feelings of betrayed loyalties towards the current employer if one admits to personal and/or professional goals beyond the present organization. But even for those employees with whom I would claim to have good rapport - even when allowing for a certain percentage of people who are perfectly happy and genuinely content with their current positions - the future remains non-descript.
By Erin N O’Reilly, PhD Posted 11-06-2017
What You Need to Know About a Career as a NETWORK ENGINEER
In order to join the team of network engineers, you must have the necessary skills as well as a love of computers. As with any other career, you also need to follow certain steps in order to accomplish your goal. These are the top five requirements needed to become a network engineer.
By Amy Armitage Posted 11-06-2017
Tried-and-True Job Hunting Tips That May No Longer Work
It is no secret that the job market has been tough lately. Good jobs have been hard to come by, and just getting your foot in the door has rarely been this much of a challenge. Adding to the problem is the fact that many tried-and-true job hunting techniques no longer work in the new modern world. If it has been awhile since you hit the job market, you might want to rethink your job hunting strategy and dust off your resume. While some old-fashioned career advice still holds true, other techniques simply do not work as well as they once did.
By beconrad Posted 10-13-2017
Interview Success: 3 Ways to Nail Your Dream Job
Drop thoughts of a tough economy and people fighting for jobs; that's negative thinking. While it might be true, there are reasons people fail at job interviews. They don't research job openings or know what they want. They don't network or present a professional image to future employers. Additionally, they make various other errors which are avoidable. Take a step-by-step approach, avoiding pitfalls, and you can nail your dream job.
By Posted 10-06-2017
7 Ways to Be a Great Construction, Engineering, or Environmental Mentor
Young professionals in the construction, engineering, and environmental industries who are serious about rising to the top of the profession will seek a mentor to guide them through their education and early career. A good mentor can provide insight into the industry and help these young professionals find the opportunities that will develop their skills and expertise. This article speaks specifically about the importance of mentoring in the construction industry, and why it's critical "... to invest more heavily in the success of the youngest ones among us-personal, one-on-one mentoring... to identify potential and encourage professional development." The author shares how the one-on-one attention he received throughout his career brought him to where he is today. In this interview, a construction project manager says that mentoring was key to keeping her in the industry, and she suggests it as a method of retaining top talent.
By Michael M DeSafey Posted 10-06-2017